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A Relaxing Frugal Weekend

We decided to go "fishing" at a local river where we basically hung out by ourselves while staring at the end of our fishing pole. We didn't have any luck catching anything, of course. We did spend $26.00 on fishing supplies such as a pole. This came out of our entertainment cash category.

Next time though, I think I will make sandwiches or some sort of food with plenty more of ready made drinks for the two of us. It is getting hot in the valley here and even though there was a beautiful breeze on the river, we could have stayed longer into the night even if only we didn't get so darn hungry. The best part of this adventure? Koa and I actually TALKED. This is priceless to us and we hope to go back next weekend!

Koa did say that he wants to try another spot so we might go to a different spot up river. This area had a couple of families near us (although, we couldn't see them through the vegetation that separated each little spot). With all the social distancing, we want to try and find a more secluded area where we won't have to feel bad about being out and about in nature.

Here are a few pictures!

ONE DAY, WE WILL CATCH OUR DINNER! Mwahahhahaha ... yeah.. probably not.

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