• Trusori

A Set Back...

In the past week, we have both been sick and been irresponsible with our budgeting, which made it all more important for us to have our medical costs category to be fully funded as fast as possible. We aim to have $5,000 at the end for the out-of-pockets medical costs but for now, it is sitting at $300.00. Unfortunately, we have had to put a little over $1000.00 on our Chase Freedom Credit Card. In addition, we will have to slow down on our debt payments these next couple of months to pay for out-of-pocket expenses without relying on using the credit cards again.

I am trying to not feel dejected and discouraged at this setback but real life is why we need to have our emergency fund asap...and our emergency fund is nowhere near our ultimate goal. We mainly have been going hard and strong at throwing everything we have got at the credit card debt in the last couple of months that we did not fund more than $100 per month towards our emergency fund.


Real life does not wait for a fully funded emergency fund, so we must fund at least $1,000 back into our emergency fund before we can tackle debt more aggressively like we had been in the past couple of months.

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