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We went up to Koa's father's, who lives in the woods north of Fiddletown, Ca for Christmas eve and Christmas day. I usually enjoy the ride up there due to the scenery and we usually go up there on most weekends. We all work together (me, Koa, and his dad) so it wasn't a special trip up there to see him but it was definitely relaxing this time around with his dad mainly doing all the cooking. Koa's dad cooked turkey, while the youngest son cooked some pasta with sauce. Nothing fancy but we all appreciated the food!

I enjoyed the gift unwrapping on christmas morning thoroughly. I've never had a christmas morning gift unwrapping experience before so it was very fun for me especially. I didn't receive any gifts (It is fine because I'm used to not getting any due to me being a buddhist) but I think both the siblings and the father in law really liked our presents!

I helped make the fire in the wood stove (it was the only source of heat!) and learned that dryer lint stuffed in egg cartons with a bit of wax is a really good way to start a fire. Koa's father lives on a 5 acre forest land with a creek and a pond, with his own well, electricity, and septic system. There are both pros and cons with off grid living but Koa and I leaning towards this "homestead" style kind of living. However, I don't know if I can be tough enough for this kind of life though. It is quite a lot of work and it's nearly a 4-hour (maybe more, depending on traffic conditions) one way drive to the Bay area, where our jobs would be.

We, then, enjoyed fresh eggs from the chicken coop in omelette style in the morning. I definitely want to keep chickens and maybe rabbits if we ever happen to live off grid!

Lastly, Koa turned the big 41 over Christmas and I'm so thankful that he is in my life!!

Our Christmas was simply celebrated with his family and while I missed my own parents and family so much, we enjoyed the simplicity.


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