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April 2020 Budget Close Out

Updated: May 7

April Budget Close Out Details:

Major Expenses:

We had some car maintenance as well as some car registration expenses this April, which included new brakes, oil change, a smog inspection and the honda civic car registration fees. The total expenses for these two categories came out to $900, which we covered by transferring funds from the sinking funds (we were calling this the rainy day fund) savings account that we had opened with Ally Banking.

We also did a lot of grocery shopping for the pantry. We usually buy our groceries according to the weekly meal plan and so, we did not have most of the usual pantry goods, such as flour, canned goods, sugar, cornmeal, etc. We also had to buy more spices, and dang, those spices here in the valley are so expensive if they are not available in bulk form (Winco stopped providing bulk foods for the duration of the pandemic) ......I use curry powder, tumeric powder, coriander seeds, etc quite often and I might have to look into ethnic grocery marts where these may be cheaper....hopefully? ....Grocery prices seem to be higher lately too but we still went a little overboard with the pantry stock up. The result is that the grocery category spending was through the roof. However, at least it was for food and not unnecessary things, right???

Credit Card Stragglers: we paid off the stragglers on our credit cards (finance charges, pending payments, etc). Zero debt remains on credit cards.

There was also stress eating...well, stress eating has always been there every month, lol. More so, this April month.


We had planned to save around $2,500 for the month of April but were able to save $2,000, which we are still happy about because... we finally have a month where we can save since the credit cards are all paid off!!!

All in all, we came out exceeding the planned budget by $1,700 but the planned income was also higher due to Koa getting his COVID 19 stimulus check and $900 was transferred from sinking funds savings account to cover the expenses for the sinking fund categories. This allowed us to still save some money in April.

I hope everyone is hanging in there and their April budgets weren't as wildly varying as ours.

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