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April Budget Plan with Real Numbers (so far)

Man.... April has been really chaotic in terms us keeping to a small Budget.

A few considerations:

Reduced Income: Our incomes were reduced due to hours being cut back due to some more of our job sites being shut down in the bay area.

Increased Spending: Since we previously did our groceries based on our weekly meal plan, we did not really have any pantry items or emergency supplies. So, we decided that we need to stock up on a lot of things such as shelf stable foods, cans, and other household items such as vinegar, etc. This meant that we went wayyyyy over budget but this stock up should last us quite a while (hopefully until the next flu season).

The $3.00+ spending in Entertainment category was for a computer game that Koa wanted to play while being stuck at home over the weekend.

Under the Fuel category, we ended up going slightly over the $50 per week budget because on the weekend, we ended up going to view a few houses in that Sierra Nevada Foothills that we were interested in that are located about 1 hour away. Don't worry, we didn't exit our cars most of the time and were up in the mountains with hardly anyone around us.

We also had some residual credit card charges that we paid a total of approximately $810 at the beginning of April.

Lastly, excuse my handwriting because it is only at the end of the month that I would put in the figures neatly into the spreadsheet. Throughout the month, I keep track of expenses in each category with a pen and a print out of the Budget sheet. Don't ask me why but this is how i want to approach it at this point in time. I will upload a "pretty" version of this at the end of the month with all the monthly totals inputted into the spreadsheet.


We're not sure if this lockdown is causing us to eat out more or if it's because we have paid off most of our consumer debts with some of our liquid savings and now, we are going crazy with eating out......BUT WE ATE OUT ALOT since we entered the week of March 27-April 4, 2020. A total of $166 so far and we only just started on week 2 of April, 2020. This is shocking especially because we have been cooking every day at home except for friday 4/3/2020 and the following weekend, when we went out on errands (finding supplies) and ended up being unprepared and buying taco bell meals in between errands. Looking at our statements (yes, statement....because for now, we have paused the actual cash envelopes just to be safe during this time), we noticed that we snack ALOT as well as sodas here and there everyday and sometimes, multiple times a day!

We will try to not spend as much for the rest of April (most of it remains LOL!). At least, that's what we will strive to do but, in times like this, we find ourselves wanting to buy some prepping supplies, such as a pressure canner, canning supplies, more shelf stable food supply, and maybe, even do some container gardening.

Hope everyone is staying safe! We will check back in at the end of this week to update for the 2nd week of April spending.

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