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Bad Air Quality; Impact On Our Decision for Our Forever Home

Every since we moved up to Northern California, i have been getting sick every few weeks or so. My nose constantly runs and the only thing i can think of is that I'm allergic to something or everything in the air! Now, I've never had allergies before in my life, so this is new to me. In fact, it may not even be allergies but just my weak immune system (diabetic, here) just not adjusting well to the air in this area. There are walnut trees, almond trees, peach trees, apricot trees, cow farms, pig farms, and chicken farms all around us. Big companies like Foster Farms and Blue Diamond nuts are located close by. Then, there are tons of smaller farms with various type of vegetables, pumpkins, other types of melons, and corn.

It's a beautiful drive each day from work back to the apartment, I must admit...Not at all the Southern California's concrete grind of commuting two hours each way, watching the back of cars. I see the seasons actually changing and get to see each crop or orchard's stages of production....from bare branches to flowers in bloom, fruiting season, and then, finally to harvest time. It's a relaxing 15-20 minutes drive through country roads back to the apartment.

BUT....the air also almost always smells like cows, pigs, chickens, sewage, etc etc...And whatever that is sprayed in the orchards such as pesticides and herbicides...I can only imagine how much of it all gets blown around with the wind. A lot of the farms in the area are under the Integrated Pest Management Program and try to limit the amount of pesticides and herbicides that they use and use only the directed amounts. Regardless on such efforts, on a daily basis, there are still other factors, such as dust, pollen, animal smells, and more that we are exposed to while at work (a construction yard) and back at the apartment.

Now, I grew up in a third world country...It's not like I've lived a pristine life but for some reason, my immune system is just not coping well. I'm sick with a respiratory congestion almost every months since I have moved here. Thankfully, my work is no longer of a physical nature, so I could tough it out most of the time that I've gotten sick here so that I don't end up losing too many work days.

This leads me to worry if this kind of area is the right type for us to buy a house in or even as an investment. What if we end up having to retire here, which actually I don't mind except for the air quality and lack of great local asian restaurants. But for asian cuisine, we can always go into the Bay Area if our cravings get to that point (so far, not yet).

Koa is not affected by any of this and he would not mind if the area was the settling place for us, considering he really wants to be up in the foothills/Amador County, where his family is. For me, I am worried because the older I get, the worse the immune system could be and this could translate to increased cost of medical care and more pressing health issues.

Just another day to reflect on this and ramble on as I usually do!

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