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Being Sick, Is It an Excuse for Going Over Budget?

I'm a diabetic and have a horrible immune system. Usually, during cold and flu season, I get sick a lot and pneumonia is always on the radar whenever I get a prolonged cold. I was hospitalized for pneumonia once and I definitely do not need that again.

This cold and flu season, I was very careful and made sure that I had fresh fruits (mainly, vitamin C) and did daily walks as well. I took extra care with washing my hands every time I would touch the office door or bathroom door...or a communal sign-in pen. I took flu shots and pneumonia vaccine!

I still got sick with a severe cold and flu twice in a row...

It has been a month since I've gotten under the weather and i'm still sick with a new cold coming on. I think I got a second strain of virus from one of the superintendents at work who has been coming into work while being sick.

This week, especially, my body is exhausted and I just don't have the energy to cook anything for lunch and dinner. Koa has been making sandwiches but he has been sick as well and both of us have been passing out by 7 pm each night.


We have been back to our eating out habits (drive-through/fast food) and man, fast food nowadays really is looking more like a sit down meal! Nearly $25 for the two of us at Burger King yesterday. I can't even remember what we had but I know that we didn't order a combination meal but instead a sandwich and a large soda each. Our Buffer in the checking account is depleted within three or four days of this.

In any case, we will keep on chugging along and build back up the buffer zone (approximately $100) in the checking account before we continue to take out our usual $301 cash withdrawal for cash spending and sinking funds.


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