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Buying a Home - Concerns

Now that we are in the process of buying a home, there are a few concerns for us:

1) Utility costs - We have never had a house before so this will come as a shock as to how much higher our utility costs will become. I am allotting $200/month for electricity, $150/month for gas, $150/month for water (those darn sprinklers!), and $50/month for trash and sewer respectively.

2) Neighboring Dogs - This is strange but this is the most concern for me personally. It probably isn't a concern for most people but the neighbors dogs don't know us so I'm afraid that we will end up with constantly barking dogs whenever we use our future backyard. Noise nuisance does factor into our decision making.

3) Roofing concerns - the house that we are in escrow for does have some roofing issues that we will need to handle, such as roofing tiles not sitting flushed with the rest, etc. The underlayment probably needs to be replaced soon so we will be saving up for this cost.

4) Old HVAC system - The HVAC system has not been replaced since the house was constructed in 1989. We are getting a home warranty plan so we are hoping this helps us with sudden breakdowns until we can save up to replace the system next year.

All in all, these are the top concerns we have for the house that we are looking to buy.

More will be updated as the journey progresses!

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