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CoVid-19 and Its Impact on Us

So... the good news is the March Low spend month is going strong with us being mainly home.

The bad news is that we both would be out of jobs temporarily until April 7th...or whenever the government decides to lift the Shelter-in-plan for the bay area counties, where all the company's job sites are located in.

The April 7th date is also a tentative date, which could be delayed even further but we will tackle it as that comes near. A lot of the vendors and suppliers are located in the bay area so they have shut down operations until the shelter is lifted....which means there is less work for the fabrication over here at the construction yard.

We both will have to go on unemployment soon and the only thing that makes me breath a little easier is that we've eliminated all of our consumer card debt! There will be no payments made to credit cards anymore! Phew...but this means that I only have $23,000 left in the liquid savings account....which might need to be tapped to supplement the unemployment checks.

We are hoping that we can be frugal enough on an even tighter budget in the next few months that we don't need to tap into savings account. We haven't had the time to sit down and make this adjusted budget for the unemployment period but looks like we will be having plenty of time on our hands soon enough.

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