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Crappy Dental Insurance & Work Messed Up the Premium

HR at work just notified me that they had made a mistake with my dental insurance premiums and that they will be taking $86.00 from next paycheck and $7 per week from now on. This means I will be taking in less money each paycheck at this critical time....That is....If we still have jobs by the next few weeks. We are in an industry that is highly impacted by this virus.


This is the dental insurance (Guardian, anyone?) that just denied twice my dentist's request to do a deep cleaning for my teeth. I'm a diabetic, which means deep cleanings are needed periodically. It just is annoying to have to pay from now on nearly $7.00 per week in dental premiums for a dental insurance who won't even approve one deep cleaning.

Koa on the other hand with his Delta dental insurance was approved right away and already had his dental cleanings done.

This is the first year that I've had Guardian as the dental insurance...I think maybe it's time to get on Koa's insurance by next year (Aka finally marry).

This is the time where we need as much money as we can get with all the Covid-19 fears, and possible job losses for both of us in the next week, and news like this always pick the wrong time to come around.

As my mom always says my karma is not the greatest.

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