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Current Net Worth

Currently (October 24, 2019), our net worth sits around $351,423 due to inactivity in the last few years on my part on my contributions for retirement. My partner did not focus on retirement savings at all so he will be beginning his retirement savings journey from now on. Compared to retirement portfolios of other 40 year olds, ours is meager but we all learn from our past mistakes and we hope to save enough to retire by 65 (more towards age 75 retirement at this rate, lol!)

My partner will be in a pretty stable pension fund soon and that amount is not calculated in this net worth. I also have a ten year vested government pension fund that I am not calculating in this net worth that will give me $1,350 per month once I turn 55. I am no longer in the public sector so this amount will not grow and it will be a set income except for cost of living increases each year.

We will track our net worth in order to remind ourselves that we were off track but are fighting to get back on track from now on!

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