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Our October 2019 Income vs. Budgeted Expenses

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Here is our Income vs. Budgeted Expenses for the month of October, 2019. We have had to combine a few of categories into a larger categories to present it better, however, in our weekly budget spreadsheet, the precise categories are used. More on our weekly budget spreadsheet later!

Overall, we are at $4,400 per month Income for after-tax, after medical premiums, other withholdings, and 401k-deferral amount. We are doing the zero sum budget method currently. We might tweak things around as we learn how to budget better as time goes on, however.

Currently, our priorities are to pay off our consumer debt, which we started since September, 2019 at over $17,000. Currently, debt remains at $15,000. This is the beginning of our debt free journey!

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