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DoorDash Adventures! Side Income

Side income: Doordash

Tru decided to try something new this past weekend and see how much a weekend of Doordash could net her. Tru worked two shifts of DoorDash, which came out to around nearly 9 nine hours of doordash "Dash" time (equated to 7 hours of actual Active Time). Dash time is the total time you spend being on Dash duty, while Active time is the time actually spent doing the pickup/delivery actions.

Tru made $235.75!

Now, Let's see how much she really made!

Estimate of Actual income:

1) After 30% self-employment tax - $235.75 - $69.225 = $166.525 remains

2) Half of the gas tank was used (began with a full tank) = $15 ( half of $30 for fill up)

= $166.525 - $ 15 = $151.525 remains

3) Estimate of Wear and Tear on the Car = $0.16/ mile x 100 miles (across two days.. it's actually a little less than this) = $ 16

= $151.525 - $16 = $135.525

Actual Total Earnings = $135.525

Actual Earnings per hour = $135.525/9 dash time = $15/ per hour pay rate

Wait, Shouldn't the actual work time be the active time since that is the only time she actually worked (the remaining time was waiting time for food aka playing on the phone time)???

Actual Earnings per hour = $135.525/ 7 active time = $ 19.36/ per hour

Not bad for a little side income.


One main tip that Tru wants to dispsense is to take advantage of those bonus times where you get an additional bonus pay on top of the base pay. More tips will follow, I'm sure, as she gets more Doordash adventures under her belt!

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