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Financial Goals! What happens after Debt Pay-off?

After we pay off our debt (i know, i know, i'm already planning wayyy ahead), we plan to increase our emergency savings to at least six months and preferably one year. Then, in order to be comfortable with smaller oh-**** emergencies as well as for our yearly bills such as car insurance/future phones/used cars/etc, we want to save up $5,000.

Currently, we have $35,000 in liquid savings that we want to boost up to $50,000 (most likely, this amount will have to increase) for our house down payment. We want to wait out this rising housing market and see if it cools down by this december/next year.

We would love to vacation in Bavaria and would love to be able to wedge this goal somewhere in between #3 and #4. Koa, especially, would love to go on this lifelong dream vacation (of course, on a budget) as a rewarding incentive. I know a lot of people will disagree on this and that we should focus on completing our first four financial goals but we're only human and are aiming to go by 2021.

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