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Frugal Friday Thoughts

One good thing about working at a construction yard is that there are plastic bottles and cans EVERYWHERE... The workers tend to either leave it on the ground or near their work areas. Since work provides free drinking water in the form of water bottles, there ends up being a lot of plastic bottles and some cans lying around the yard. I save all the water bottles that I drink, crush them up and Koa does this as well. Then, at the end of every few weeks, Koa walks around his work area and collects all the "trash". Then, we head out to the local recycling center. These combined with our own recyclables at home (one day, we might be zero waste; baby steps!), we end up usually with $20. We don't make a seperate trip to the recycling center but instead, time it with our weekly grocery trip so that we can use this little added bonus to our grocery budget. This helps out tremendously especially on our "Must Buy Meat" or "Toilet Paper" weeks.

Since we still have yet to kick the habit of daily soda consumption...we are huge soda drinkers now...we also tend to have tons of aluminum cans for recycling. We do intend to quit this soda habit though and are happy to report that we've gone down this past week from stocking 3 cases of soda per grocery haul to 2 cases. We wish we could say we are perfect and don't make stupid decisions or have various addictions...but then, we wouldn't be us. Baby steps!

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