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Frugal Swaps We've Made So Far

We are still trying to incorporate more frugal habits into our lives. While some have been successful, some have been in limbo. Firstly, here are the frugal habits or swaps that we have made to help save money:

1) Cloth Napkins instead of paper towels.

2) Microfiber cloths, sponge towels (sponges in size and shape similar to towels), and cotton wash cloths instead of paper towels.

Now, we still use paper towels for big messes that we really can't throw into our communal washing machine at the apartment complex. However, since we've made the switch, we are only on our second roll of paper towels in six months. This is a far cry from how much paper towel rolls we had gone through before; we used to buy one jumbo package of 12 per month.

3) Homemade Laundry soap instead of store bought laundry soap.

There are so many online videos on how to make homemade laundry soap, which actually cleans better and is very economical.

Basically, it's one bar of Zote soap with one cup of borax, one cup of washing soda, and one cup of baking soda. This makes for a five gallon laundry soap.

Since Zote soap is only 99 cents per bar and if you buy baking soda in bulk and bake it to make washing soda also, this comes out to a very economical laundry soap that lasts for a long time, especially because it's just the two of us. We also only do our laundry only once per week. However, even for big families, making your own homemade soap would translate to bigger savings.

4) Re-useable and sturdier plastic storage bags (gallon size) for freezing instead of disposable ziplock plastic bags.

We still have a huge box of gallon sized ziplock bags that we will use up for our sandwiches that we make for lunch. This will take a while to go through since we tend to reuse the bags. In the mean time, we are using these re-useable storage bags that we bought off amazon for freezing purposes since these can be rewashed over and over again for a long time. The ziplock bags will be phased out as they get used up and we will be buying more of the re-useable ones.

We haven't calculated how much savings these frugal swaps have resulted in yet but I believe that the only reason that we can keep to our $50 per week grocery budget is because we don't have to constantly re-stock on these household items. There are tons more things we could do but for now, we are easing into a more frugal lifestyle and we haven't felt that we are using low quality products. On the contrary, we are using high quality products that will last a whole lot longer.

Share what frugal swaps you have made with us! We would love to learn as well.

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