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January 2020 Budget Changes

January 2020 Budget already has us making some changes; the main one being the CAT category. We were able to find a stable home for little Edgar last weekend! We will miss him so much but we realize that he will be happier with more room to roam than in a tiny apartment.

The other category that was removed this past week is the gym membership. Ever since we signed up with Fit Republic....we have only gone a handful of times. Lesson learned here is that we should never pick a gym franchise that is located further than five miles from where we live or work. What made matters worse is that the branch that is located closest to the apartment got closed down! The next nearest location was nearly an hour away in traffic. This helped make our decision to cut our losses and cancel our membership.

These two changes come out to a reduction of $65.00 per month in our Budget. Our cash withdrawal will be smaller slightly for each week as a result.

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