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LOW SPEND MARCH Challenge (Fails Already)

Updated: Apr 9

:pwWe are not ready for a no spend month yet but a low spend month, we can tackle. We already failed at the low spend part already since last night, we went to see a couple of movies. It's only six days into March.

The movies themselves were not the expensive part because we have the Regal cinemas unlimited monthly movie passes. We pay $21.00 each monthly for this and it is in our monthly budget plan. It was the concession stand that always gets people like us......we have weak willpower. Plus, we probably shouldn't have gone to the theater right after work when we are the hungriest. This led us to buy concession stand food in place of a real dinner.

Two hot dogs, a upgrade from a free drink (points) to a Large drink and from a free small popcorn to a Large popcorn = ~ $15.00

By the time that we arrived back home, it was already past 8:00 pm and since we get up super early for work, it was time for bed and we both passed out right away. No sandwiches for lunch was made, which means today, we are running to the mexican food truck nearby. That's at least $10.00 and probably closer to $20.00. Did you know that food trucks are no longer super cheap??? Holy moly, $18.00 for a few pieces of grilled shrimp that looks like they barely touched the grill.

First week of March as a low spend month is a fail so far. However, we did keep to our $50.00 weekly grocery budget. I'm not a big expert on coupons but with coupons, I saved 14% of the weekly grocery bill with just store digital coupons at Winco.

This low spend month will not include medical and dental expenses which have been planned and will be taken from the Rainy Day fund account. We won't touch Koa's Health Savings Account since this is to help cover health costs during the post-retirement period. Koa's dental deep cleaning was approved but mine was not. That's coming up on next Monday for him but for me, I will have to wait approximately one more month to see if the appeal would be approved. I'm hoping I will be approved since it's going to be so expensive if I'm paying everything out of pocket.

I do have my first primary care physician appointment coming up on next Monday and hopefully, I can get my much needed medication refills and a specialist referral to get my post-surgery follow up. The co-pays for me will be taken care of with the $500.00 FSA debit card that I set aside for this year.

Hopefully, aside from these planned medical and dental costs, the remaining March 2020 will be a low spend month! We can do better.

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