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May 2020 Budget

I decided to give this pocket budget planner from Cleverfox (not sponsored) a try since I really like the physical aspect of having to write down every expense that occurs. I kind of like this little book because it has a pensil/pen slot with a rubber band to keep the book neat and tidy. It fits perfectly into my bag also.

The only thing is my handwriting sucks...Hopefully, in five years, when i look back on this blog post, I can deciper what I wrote, LOL!

The main changes that is in this May 2020 Budget is that we are adding a new category of Vacation. Although this is not an important category, we figured if we never add a category, we will never end up designating money for it and might end up spending impulsively (like we usually do!). $200 per month is planned at this time for vacation but if we keep getting our hours cut through out this month, we will have to see if this will be a possibility even.

Anyway, Here is the May 2020 Budget Plan as of now with caveats of possible income reductions in the month of May that could see changes on a weekly basis.

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