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Merry Christmas!! Where is my bonus?!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrates it! Koa celebrates but I do not usually. I typically still give gifts as a way of thanking certain people but in terms of christmas traditions, I wasn't raised a christian and I mainly am there for Koa's happiness when we decorate our christmas tree and exchange gifts, etc.

Regardless of what religion one is, Christmas still is a "special time" of the year for me because Koa and I met in December, and both our birthdays are in December around christmas time.

One thing I'm a little bummed about this year....there was a mix up with my bonus and while everyone got a $1,000 bonus....I did not receive any. My boss thinks that there may have been a mix up since the new guy got a bonus even and that I should have gotten a bonus. Especially since my boss is very happy with my work performance.

Hopefully, He would be finding out more from HR department but I am not holding my breath. My boss is a very busy guy who tend to forget somethings if they are not at the top of his priority list ...and i doubt that my bonus is at the top of his list. So....Goodbye Bonus :(

Since we won't get paid for christmas and new year's eve days, this bonus would have helped cover our missing wages for these holidays (we don't get holiday pay).

Nonetheless, Merry Christmas!


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