• Trusori

My Motivation to Become Debt Free

I have made many mistakes in Life. I admit it. But, I realize now that I need to stop beating myself over it and actually move forward from the self-sabotage phase and out of the self-punishment decade.

Just as few as six months ago, I was lost in a fog and had no hope for any future. I had lost my job a few years back. Yes, you read that right. A few YEARS. I was stuck in a work situation that I hated and a deep depression (a continuing and reoccurring battle since childhood) set back in...

The ONE thing that has changed in the last few months is that I have finally allowed myself this one truth...MY truth...which is....

I can continue to feel bad about it or I can forgive myself and move on.

I was the bread winner between the two of us and over the years, it made me resent my partner. The realization that children through natural birth was not in the cards despite our efforts as well as a few medical scares did not help with my emotional state.

Now, I make a whole lot less money and no longer own property, but I am finally clear headed again and ready to tackle on the world again. I am no longer the bread winner and while it certainly doesn't mean that I will stop striving for a second career, I am finding out that it feels good to have direction again in life that is not dictated by a career.

Most importantly, my partner and I finally are a Team.

We, now, work towards a united future with no consumer debt, slow and mindful living. We may not have much money to our name or earning potential but we are certainly going to enjoy our journey to become debt free.

Many people want certain things after they are debt free, such as a house, retirement, a vacation. We are no different. Our main motivation is to finally grow up (a strange motivation considering we are in our forties already!).

This is us. There will be failures as well as successes. There will be no perfection. This is finally our real life. :)


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