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November Mystery Shopper Income

I tried my hand out at being a Mystery Shopper in November. It was actually fun and while I can't go into detail about where we did the "shops" at, they were places, such as electronic stores, that we would have been visiting to window shop and browse around anyway.

The company I did it with was Best Mark. It's so easy to use and directions for each assignment or "shop" are easy to understand and carry out.

Here is the total I earned during the month of November, being a mystery shopper for Best Mark:

11/15/2019 To 11/27/2019

Total  $69.00

This was over a total of 3 "shops" or trips to stores that I was reviewing.

I really liked how fast Best Mark paid out to my paypal account too. On average, it was around one business day at the latest but usually, it was within a few hours that it was credited to my paypal account. Their website is easy to use and has a no-frills interface.

Anyway, I'm not here to review Best Mark nor am I getting paid by them, etc. I just wanted to share that I made a little fun money this month, doing something that didn't feel like a job at all!

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