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Our $50 per week Grocery Budget

It all started out as an experiment around October of last year.

Could we live on $50 per week?

So far, it is definitely doable.

I am not sure where you live but there is a Winco near us and it's been saving our butts in terms of staying in our $50.00 per week Grocery Budget for two people.

Our typical weekly grocery haul is usually:

Fruits x 2 types Plus Bananas

(our breakfast because we are too lazy to make something. We wake up around 3:30 am to 4 am everyday)

Vegetables x 2 types or x 3 types - usually whatever is the cheapest

(I go easy on the bell peppers unless there is the 50 cent per pepper sale)

Winco brand tub of Yogurt

Bread - always buy the ones that are cheapest that specifically states 100% whole wheat

(This usually means Winco brand)

Lunch meat - cheapest from either deli or packaged Winco brand - Whatever is on sale!

One block of cheese (we slice or grate it ourselves)

One head of lettuce (for lunch - sandwiches)

Cereal bars (we really stock up on the sunbelt bakery ones when they go on sale - as snacks to stave off hunger if Koa ends up working overtime on a weekday. Since we share one vehicle to work, I wait in the office until Koa is done with overtime)

Cheapest cases of soda (this usually means Shasta) .....because we are addicted to soda. Eventually, we will cut these out as well.

One of the following is bought on a weekly rotation:

1) -One meat (whatever that is on sale - usually, chicken, ground beef, pork shoulder, etc) 2) -Pasta - one lb of spaghetti and one lb of other type of pasta...always from bulk bins 3) -Rice - bulk bag whenever it is nearly out - usually lasts us a good two months 4) - Two types of dry beans (one lb each)

Our dinners typically consist of stir frys (meat and vegetables) with pasta or rice, curries, casseroles, steak (occasional...unless, we get london broil at $2.99/lb) and potatoes, etc.

So far, we haven't felt the boredom or feel like we are suffering yet because we try to switch up spices, etc. Oh yeah, winco has really great bulk section on spices too! Tumeric was so expensive at any other place....and I am so happy that winco has tumeric per pound since we eat tumeric A LOT due to most Burmese curries containing this spice.

Don't buy toiletries at Winco though. I buy toiletries either at Walmart with coupons or at 99 cents store (with no coupons).

I do wish I have access to perennial herbs, a lemongrass shrub, a keffir lime tree, and a lemon tree again so that we can easily turn any curry, stir fry, or whatever pasta dish into amazing flavors without having to spend top dollar for these ingredients. Until we can have our own yard, we will just have to do without these flavor enhancers.

We do find that each week, there is usually no carry over funds left for the next week after our weekly grocery trip. This is fine. We just wanted to see if we can meet this budget without sacrificing health, etc. Now....we just need to quit soda...LoL!

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