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Prioritization of Upcoming Purchases

Since we are on a super tight budget for the next 12 months, we are going to pare down what we absolutely must buy right now. This means we are going to postpone for a year any relatively big purchases.

Previously planned purchases Postponed (PPPP!):

I had planned to buy a pair of glasses for myself and Koa relatively soon since ours have scratches all over the lenses and the frames are pretty much past the salvageable condition.

We had also planned to get a new phone for me since the old phone that I received for free from my mom doesn't quite work well anymore (after I accidentally dropped it too many times.. .oops).

We are going to postpone these purchases for now and hope they last for another year.

New (to us) car for me:

I decided that I will buy a used car during the next 12 months if I get another job that will require me to take a separate car to the work site. Currently, Koa and me work together at the same company location so we can postpone the second car purchase. However, if I get another job with a better pay or if Koa gets sent to the bay area for job sites, we will need to use the savings to buy that second car and plan for the increased cost of car insurance.

Immediate purchases:

1) a zip around wallet for Koa - with the current wallet, the debit card and etc keep getting destroyed with debris (koa deals with a lot of construction debris)...after ordering a second debit card in two months, it's time to get a good zip around wallet.

2) new comfortable shoes for Tru - my shoes are in tatters....people are starting to notice.

3) New work boots for Koa - Due to the nature of his job, Koa needs to replace his torn safety work boots. It's the highest priority item on our list.

4) In the next month or so, we will need to tackle our dental visits between the two us but we should have enough in our Dental Costs Sinking Fund category to pay for the co-pays and costs after deductibles.

Anyway, writing this post has helped me deal with some anxiety that I have and it helps me order my thoughts. At least, we know what we must purchase and what the upcoming important purchases are.

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