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Staying on Track When Progress is Slow

Because our income is pretty low currently, the progress of paying off our debt has been going at a snail's pace or at least, I feel that it is. I see so many of my fellow debt free journeyers enter their last payments or have reached their debt free goals. I just can't help but ask myself "Why Bother?".

I know the answer....but it still is annoying to say it, lol. I know that there is no other alternative and that we must be consumer debt free in order for our old butts to be back on track in our lives.

Then, there are toxic people who just love to judge people instead of worrying about their own struggles. Koa is much better at ignoring them because, the truth is, Koa is a much better human being than me. He knows how to forgive, including forgiving himself for past mistakes so that he can move on. Me, on the other hand, I always have had a hard time getting over my own mistakes, choosing to dwell in the darkness of regret. It's so much easier to be mean and toxic than to be good and kind. I hope everyone in the world, including myself, one day will become kinder better people as we live our everyday lives.

We are currently at $9,000 of consumer debt REMAINING. We sent in $1,000 in to Wells Fargo Credit Card on friday.

On one hand, it's so sad seeing our pitiful checking accounts so bare and empty each week, but we must keep reminding ourselves that this is worth it. Since February was a low income month (with Koa being out of work during training days), March will be slow in terms of Debt payoff progress. We just have less money to work with.

By April and May, we should be back on track with our debt payoff progress, with July, 2020 being the final forecasted debt free date.

How does everyone else deal with toxic people in their lives?

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