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Ok..ok..ok..ok... So, my raise wasn't anything to be overly happy about since I only got a $2 raise, compared to what Koa got for his raise.

After the raise, I will be making $18/hour. Hey, at least, it's better than nothing! I'm still grateful but will still be on the look out for other opportunities. (I sound so posh here, lol)

Koa, on the other hand, I'm so happy that he got a step raise to $32.89/hour from $25.96/hour. This will really help us pay off our loans and debt. Especially, since we had to raise our weekly cash budget from $249 to $310 due to added expenses (cough, Cat, cough!). In addition to this, with christmas holiday being a non-paid holiday for us, this is a very welcomed positive note!

On a side note, our rescued kitten is still going strong, leaving his business everywhere the apartment. We tried adjusting and replacing kitty boxes, litter, room size,....you name it..He still seems to not have any desire to use the litter box, let alone have the natural instinct of covering his messes when he does use the litter box once in a blue moon. This leaves a very frustrated Koa and I find myself reminding him that it was his idea to bring the little guy home.

After our raises, I estimate that our weekly income after medical/dental/vision, 401k contributions, taxes, and FSA withholdings, etc, should be around $1250.

Projected Weekly Income: $1250

Projected Monthly Income: $5000

We can't wait for our friday checks!


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