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We're Debt Free ! Now, It's time to save

Updated: Apr 9

With all the virus fears we have going on and its threat on our lives as well as our jobs, it is even more important to save as much as we can right now. The good news is we are consumer debt free! Now, it's time to save as much as we can to increase the emergency savings amount (currently, it's at $24,000 to cover one year expenses). We are going to increase it as much as we can in order prepare for our possible job loss due to what's happening here. Since we are close to bay area and most of our job sites are in the bay area, work is expected to trickle down to a stop in the next two weeks unless something changes.

Currently, the most that we can save per 4-week cycle is expected to be $2,490....that is..... if we still have jobs through this pandemic.

Koa doesn't want to unsubscribe to the unlimited movies passes but if we can't go to the theatres, what is the point of subscribing to them at this moment in time? But I can understand that some battles are not worth having.

As a direct result of the covid-19 protection measures, we have decided to halt our weekly cash withdrawals to stuff our cash envelopes until this whole thing goes away. This means that we are going to have to be diligent (we are sooo good at this /sacrasm) in our spending without cash envelopes and will look into online money management apps like Every Dollar by Dave Ramsey, etc. We are a bit apprehensive because we have tried online apps before and they have been unsuccessful methods for us. Another way is that we track our expenses on paper even if we are not using actual cash and keep using and entering the data into our budget sheets to continue the tracking process.

In the meantime.....our last grocery haul was $120 versus how much it usually is; $50. This is mainly due to buying extra canned food and packaged foods, which tend to have a longer shelf life. Also, there weren't any deals to be had with all the prices being so high. We couldn't go to Winco as usual because it was mayhem at Winco with check out lines being longer than 1.5 hours.

I hope everyone is hanging in there and let's not panic....let us buy some toilet paper, dammit! lol

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