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What We Use for Our Cash Envelopes!

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

We decided to use these Walmart pencil binder pouches that were on sale at 50 cents/each for our cash envelopes. We love these because they are quite sturdy and they can hold coins as well as bills due to the zipper function.

A definite plus is also that these have a clear "window" on the front, where we can easily glance and review our budget tracker sheets for each category. This eliminates the need for another step of labeling the pouches themselves like you would have to do for the fancier cash envelope systems.

When we need to take certain SEVERAL budget categories on specific days, we just put those "envelopes" into a three ring binder OR better yet, attach them together with a single metal ring and carry them like a key chain for the day. Pictures are incoming! It's so easy to carry the envelopes around in this way; so much so that my partner doesn't even mind holding them for me while we do errands, LOL!

We may buy nicer and fancier cash envelopes from the debt free community later on but for now, we are on a tight budget and these work perfectly!

Another positive note: They are soooo easy to clean with wipes or water.

At 50 cents a piece....This is a perfect sturdier but low cost way to start a cash envelop system than using regular mailing envelopes!

Plastic zipper pencil binder pouches for .50 Cents from Walmart!

Our own version of cash envelopes!

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